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Problems with PostgreSQL and schemas

edited May 29 in General

I would like to buy a license for on premises development but I'm having problems with PostgresSql and schemas
I have many schemas, my idea is to create a connection for each schema, or if possible, to setup a search path to multiple schemas

For the test I created a connection and I have added the schema in the advanced options

I can see the tables in the home page but I cannot query/visualize any data, I always receive an error,

Query Error
SELECT * FROM "costingdataset"

The script of the application contains the following errors:
42P01/7: ERROR: relation "costingdataset" does not exist LINE 2: FROM "costingdataset" ^

The table of course exists, see attached

I have the feeling that DbFace is not creating the queries using the schema.table convention and it is trying to access the table directly eg

select * from table rather select * from schema.table

Alternative would be the usage of set search_path = schema but I cannot set it anywhere

Also I could not find a way to create a query just using plain sql

Any help it would be great!

Best regards
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