Use a Number Report visualization when you want to see and highlight the total for a measure or the count for a categorical column.
Number Overlay Report in DbFace

Label Options

Scroll down to Options, open "Number Label" pane, you can customize the label appearance.
Custom number label options

show number label

Turn off the "show number label", the number overlay report will not display the label.
hide number label

Label Format

Label format allows you customize the label font family, font size, font style(bold, underline, italic), text alignment and text color.

You can also write the label string directly. If you leave the label empty, DbFace will detect the label value from the query result automatically.

Number Options

At the "Number Options", you can customize the number appearance.
Custom number options

The number report looks like the image below:
Number appearance

Multiple Series Number Report

Number report also support multiple series.
Multiple series number overlay report