Branding & Whitelabel

DbFace provides several ways to help you make DbFace fit your brand.

Change the site title

Open the config/ and find the following entry:

$config['df.title'] = 'DbFace - Online Application Builder for SQL Database.';

You can change the df.title entry to make dbface show your website title.

Use the color skin you like

DbFace provides 11 predefined color theme. Sign in DbFace with your administrator account, Tap Settings -> Preference -> System Settings, and find the Skin property:

Change DbFace color theme

Open config/ and find the login_logo_settings entry:

$config['login_logo_settings'] = array(
   'url' => 'your-website-url',
   'position' => 'right',
   'img' => 'your-logo-image-url'

Change the default font family

You can open static/custom_helper.less and edit the "font-family" entry to change the default font family that DbFace used.

html,body,.ui-widget,.popover {
  font-family: "Open Sans","lucida grande","Segoe UI",arial,verdana,"lucida sans unicode",tahoma,sans-serif;

Write CSS to override the default style

Open the DbFace installation folder, and edit the static/custom.css file to apply your own stylesheet to DbFace.

Edit system templates

You can also edit DbFace system templates to make your own sign in page, even the application builder page. To custom the system templates, please contact DbFace support(