With this feature, tables will automatically convert a valid string to clickable links, images, ip addresses.

This query will result in the table shown below: Auto detect the display based on the data value

To enable this feature, scroll down to Options section, and click "Series" tab, choose "Auto detect" Let dbface to detect the correct display

How it works?

IP Address

The value is valid IP address(IPV4 or IPV6). Click the value, DbFace will popup the IP address information:
Detect IP address and make it clickable

Spark Lines

The value is data value split by ",", i.e. "5,6,8,9,10"
Detect data series and convert to spark line


The value is valid URL, and contains ".png", ".jpg" or ".gif". Detect image file


If the field name contains "date" or "time" and the value is numberic, DbFace will consider it a timestamp value and format it to locale date.
Detect timestamp and format to locale date