How DbFace Works

DbFace queries your databases directly and create applications(tabular, charts, dashboards) for your team.

Connect Databases

Connect to existing databases directly, No required ETLs, no uploads, no event pings. Get full access to historical application data immediately.

DbFace use PHP PDO driver to connect to databases. It supports MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL.

You can also define your own API connector to make DbFace work with any data that not even stored in database.

Connect to databases

Create Applications

Select database table fields, type SQL, coding PHP, DbFace provides you several ways to make full-featured applications including Tabular, Number report, pie chart, line chart, etc.

You can also combinate these applications into one page to make dashboards, story boards.

Application builder in DbFace

Embedding & Sharing

Create sharing link for your applications and dashboards, embedding charts and dashboards directly in you webpage or existing applications.

Embedding applications in external web page

or assembling applications to a web product.

Assembling applications to a web product