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The best platform for everyone to explore and visualize data from any data sources.

We are building the fastest and express database backend web applications builder.

Type SQL, get reports applications, put these applications into elastic dashboard, and many more.

Download & Install on your PHP webserver and have a try these features now.

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Finally, Data analytics made easy for everyone!

SQL databases web frontend

DbFace might be the fastest way to build your SQL database frontend, you do not need coding PHP or any front-end HTML, CSS, just follow the robust application builder way to create full features database applications.

Self-Service BI solution

DbFace intuitive Drag & Drop interface provides you with all the flexibility and advanced visualization options you need to create meaningful charts and tables.

DIY App Builder

Not only static charts & reports. You can also build applications that accept user's input. DbFace can do anything that SQL do.

All-In-One Data Visualization Software

Tabular report, Pivot tables, Summary Report, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Column Chart, Number Report, Treemap, Word cloud, Dashboard and counting...

Online Charts & Reports Builder

Build visual charts & reports have never been easier, better looking and simpler.No programming required, Drag & Drop + Scripting, for users and SQL developers.

Web Development Tool

The best and most efficient web development environment on the cloud. You can develop complete systems and customized reports very quickly with DbFace.